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Timberwolf Carpentry LLC is a British European 4th generation internal wood flooring and external decking specialist (1927) that both locally bespoke manufactures in Dubai as well as internationally trades with specifically designed flooring products that are especially engineered to meet the unique climate conditions of the GCC and UAE as Gulf specification flooring solutions made under British standards, all of which is held in stock in Dubai for fast and convenient GCC or UAE distribution.

Over the years Timberwolf has been proud to complete contracts with the majority of the UAE and GCC’s detailed projects of large scale and design for flooring, decking, pergolas, and cladding.

With four generations of timber milling experience, the Douglas family operates and runs a Dubai-based flooring factory and distribution warehouse. The company offer British quality and best-in-class standards of service and administration and handle all types of timber projects with tailored solutions. The original establishment was formed in 1927 in North-East London and commenced export trade to Dubai in 1997. Timberwolf Carpentry LLC was established in 2007, and brought both manufacturing and distribution facilities to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company is under the management of Mr Wolfgang Douglas as Chief Executive Officer and Operations Director and SaraLise Harris as General Manager. Timberwolf is part of an independent British group of companies that are dedicated in offering the best of British exports and quality of services worldwide.

Timberwolf’s experienced team works with over 350 of the most dedicated professionals in the industry. The company offers a turnkey service to clients, including technical back office support, design and Autocad drawing services and site supervision by qualified European experts. Since operations commenced in Dubai UAE, Timberwolf has employed a seasoned group of European experts from the timber industry, and have strived to bring the best quality and services of wood flooring and decking to the local market. The vision of the CEO is not to just provide floor coverings that are produced to a high quality of standard, but also to use best practices that makes best use of sustainably sourced timber by recycling wastage into wood plastic composite. Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is manufactured from a combination of recycled plastics and hardwood waste. Timberwolf holds the largest single holding capacity of parquet wood flooring, decking and raw timber materials in the UAE. Timberwolf also uses hardwood materials for wood floors and decking manufacture in order to suit the needs of the local harsh environment, as they naturally very durable and offer excellent dimensional and structural stability. Timberwolf endeavours to act as an advocate of green technology and sustainable manufacturing practices.

The engineered, laminate and solid flooring is manufactured in Great Britain and the European Union and can be supplied to anywhere in the GCC from the factory in Dubai. Timberwolf prides itself on supplying British products combined with British efficiency. Timberwolf is partnered with multiple British and European trading establishments in order to offer the very best of Britain and Europe directly to the Gulf Region. Timberwolf participates both independently and in partnership with British and European timber manufacturers alike in trade exhibitions with the advice and expertise of the UKTI organization. Timberwolf always continues to look to further our UK trading partners to trade and promote leading British quality products. We are also proud to support the UK government’s GREAT Britain campaign which aims to promote the UK internationally as a great place to do business.

Our internal real wood parquet flooring manufacturing standards are met with stability versus quality made to specifically to engineering requirements to suit the local temperatures, humidity or climate related issues. Timberwolf provides not only a great looking appearance of flooring, but also the most stable product in our industry in terms of deforms prevention and end finish as we understand the value of wood lies in not a short term beauty when installed, but a long term year after year stability that both minimizes expansion and contraction issues as well as to withstand bending, cupping and warping no matter if it is a hot humid summer or a colder dry winter that requires a Timberwolf gulf specification application.

Most of our collections are especially marked with our Timberwolf signature Gulf spec seal, of which guarantees the design of the engineered core material to deal with the specific atmospheric conditions that would otherwise hinder or cause defect to standard flooring alternatives. Timberwolf Does not stop there either, we further offer refinishing’s and onsite maintenance packages with our Gulf spec seal in order to further advance the condition and life span of the floors integrity for long term commercially use

In our Dubai based factory, Timberwolf aims to always move with the changing times and have become renowned for our focus on customization and specialized application of themed interior and exterior flooring or decking. We have a fully functioning custom design carpentry factory that can manufacture designs either from scratch or from unfinished pre-cut stocks. Timberwolf bespoke services provide an opportunity to be creative in matching colours or specific dimensions that are sometimes not available in the local market. Our expert carpenters can match exact specifications from consultants or designers and provide replica alternatives if required. The factory can also provide cost effective alternative solutions in different species.

Our external real wood decking manufacturing standards are split in to two aspects of format, firstly with real wood applications whereas we are more focused on trailed performance of species rather than actual cutting or milling methods, with compatibility of materials for different uses in circumstances under our preliminary sorting and mill design at the finishing lines of which are carried out locally in Dubai. Timberwolf decking manufacture in most cases works from our rough sawn stocks to tailor make real wood decking option that can vary dependent of applied use or budget. Teak is usually the species of choice being the most commonly recommended timber for external real wood decking use in the Gulfs atmospheric climate due to its strength and stability of which is kept in vast rough sawn stocks with finished dimensions availed to be made up to 50mm thick. Secondly, we now also further now offer the modern variation of popular in style WPC ECO DECK, wood plastic composites that are specifically engineered and designed to suit the local atmospheric climate with a combined benefit of a semi maintenance free alternative solution. Our WPC is available in a commercial heavy wear poly vinyl chloride version and a lighter weight poly urethane version. Our PE-WPC decking is available in stock as imported prefinished materials from the UK, whereas our PVC-WPC is a locally engineered product that we manufacture in Dubai. Our PVC-WPC can be further offered in different surface finishes and colour’s as made to order, with wire brushing and different designs also being optionally custom offered. As the PVC-WPC is manufactured locally, and due to its manmade composition, we can make this material in lengths to suit virtually any expanse subject to transportation limitations of 12 meters long, whereas avoiding some of the most difficult issues with WPC i.e. joints and allowance for movement off the sub frame battens.

As with any external area, we also provide options to create additional external features such as bespoke made pergolas and gazeboes that can either complement the decking or be used independently offered in both natural timbers and/or in WPC composite. Timberwolf locally produce with our latest partnership in plastics extrusion facilities that can create commercially higher graded gulf specification structurally secure external composite (Poly Vinyl Chloride & Poly Urethane) Pergolas & Decking Solutions etc. All designs and details can be designed in house with our Auto Cad assistance operators to offer unique and stylish effects and themes.

Timberwolf specialize in raised sports floors, sprung floors, dampening floor systems and bespoke internal wood sports courts. All sports floor applications can be custom designed to suit specific tailored needs for various types of uses. Using our Signature Gulf Specification parquet warrants use of such a design in moving floor products with onsite top coat finishing’s aided by engineered expansion gaps. Timberwolf have since provided revolutionary examples across the UAE of high specification Hotel or Commercial grade sports parquet that can be used as reference to example the quality durability and effectiveness that an engineered sports floor can offer. All Timberwolf sports applications are based on certified methods of application from internationally recognized British Sports Standards, with the health and safety aspect of weight distribution and movement allowance in accordance with British guild lines of impact sports that meets UAE municipality standards for both hotels and schools.

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