Timberwolf promotes and supports forest conservation worldwide by selling sustainably harvested and reclaimed wood products. We back our products with the commitment to excellent quality, friendly service and competitive pricing combined with our Eco vision. Our supplier’s forestry practices guarantee a perpetual yield of high quality timber while maintaining or restoring healthy, self-regenerating forest eco systems. Timberwolf specializes in wood products from forests that are certified as well as managed according to the rules of compliance of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We further deal in reclaimed materials as well as fast growing species of timber such as pine and hevia that offer truly eco sensitive alternatives. When you buy wood flooring or decking solutions from Timberwolf Carpentry LLC, you are not just buying the flooring its self, you are also casting a silent vote for sustainable forestry, or you are reusing reclaimed materials that would have gone to waste otherwise, whereas either way you are helping to conserve forests trough your responsible choice to use Timberwolf ecofriendly products.

Forest certification or acclimation is a voluntary process that reassures customers that the wooden products used that they buy were grown and harvested in a way that protects forests for the long term. Certifiers assess the on the ground forest practices of a given operation against a stringent set of environmental and social criteria. Operations that meet those standards may label their products as originating from well managed sources. The Forest Stewardship Council is a non-profit organization that accredits whose programs conform to its internationally recognized principles and criteria, thereby providing a consistent and credible framework for independent certification efforts worldwide. The FSC enjoys the support of most major environmental groups